Heavenly Earth Essences™

Heavenly Earth Essences™

Take a deep breath and …


Relax and unwind with scents such as lavender, orange and rose.


Get energy quickly with scents like lotus, bay laurel and clove which awaken and inspire.


Feel refreshed with scents such as mint, pineapple and lime which refresh and cool.

Heavenly Earth Essences™ products uplift your mood, energize your body and refresh your mind. Our unique blends of essential oils help you feel better fast. The sprays relax the body and create a positive atmosphere, the bath salts help you unwind, the lotion bars and body butters soothe and soften skin.

You only want the best of the best to put on your body. We know, we feel that way too.

We use organic products whenever possible that are made using the best methods that keep the healing properties of the plant intact. We use a plant-based emulisifer that is much gentler than other emulisfiers commonly used in body mists. The prayer water we use holds the vibration of Truth, Light and Love to help the sprays work on a deeper level.

Our unique essential oil blends have positive effects beyond just feeling good… they make the energy around you more positive.

Welcome to Heavenly Earth Essences!